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KIS Scanlations

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Scanlation Duo

Hi! You're in the community of a new, amateur scanlation duo. We scanlate mostly yaoi and shounen-ai, but if we like the art and the story, we'll probably work on that too. We're relatively new, but we'll get the hang of it. :)

Well, I got my friend into reading these yaoi mangas and now she can't stop reading. XD I suggested her a title but we found out that the last volume was in Chinese. I was lucky enough to have met her because she's been studying Chinese since she was a kid (in short, she's Chinese XD). I gave her a sample of the last volume of the manga and she said it was readable. So now we're on our way!

My translator. I've been begging her to translate for me ever since I realized she could read Chinese! It took some work, but I finally got her to agree. She's more partial to the art more than the story, so most of the titles she loves have pretty artwork. She's not an amateur in translating, though she admits that she's a little rusty. BUT NEVER FEAR! With a Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary and another friend who might be willing to help translate in hand, we're ready to go!

Typesetter, cleaner, editor and QC. Yep, that's me. I'm desperate enough to actually offer myself to do everything else. Well, I did say that once I get a translator, I don't care if I have to do the rest. I'm more partial to the story and not-so-hideous art, so I'm fine with pretty much anything (lest it be angst). I've had some (emphasis) experience with typesetting, cleaning and quality checking so I fairly know the ropes.