Full Moon wo Sagashite

{ mod post #1

Hello... To those who have joined and watched this community, hi!! Thank you for doing so. It's been a year since this has been established, but I am sorry to say, we are quite busy with our school work lately, seeing as majors have arrived, then OJTs and theses, so we're forced to choose short titles no one is working on.

Boku wa Ne is being continued by lovely people, Dunderheads, so we are scrapping the project. Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike! and SUPER LOVERS are being worked on carefully and wonderfully by Bliss Scanlations, so we're not touching that either.

On the other hand, we've got LOVE STAGE!! currently going, after a lot of begging, crying, pleading, kneeling, and persuading. I only need to ask for permission and we're pretty much good to go. :) We're not going to change any information about it yet until we've released, so please avoid doing that as well.

Mad Cinderella has been licensed by DMG, so it's currently under discussion. In other words, I am, again, begging, crying, pleading, kneeling and persuading my translators because I'm dying to know what happened in CH6

[Also, well, as you can see, my translator/s are crumbling from both school work and translating (they don't use the language often, so translating is very tough). If you're willing to help us, we'll be glad to take you in. If you're only looking for a certain project you want to work on, I'm pretty free and lazy as a typesetter, proofreader and QC-er. I can give my hand at cleaning, but then I'm not that confident yet.]

SO TL;DR: Almost one year, no work, swamped with school, working on LOVE STAGE!!, discussing Mad Cinderella, scrapping Boku wa Ne, whoring myself out to translators and thanks to those who've joined/watched.